Riverton Yacht Club


US Sailing Association Sportsmanship Trophy

Given to a Riverton Yacht Club Member who, through the integrity, sacrifice, and graciousness of true sportsmanship has fostered the sport of yacht racing. This award has been given since 1987. Award is only given if there is a qualified recipient.

1987 Charles Knight
1988 Stan Lippincott
1989 Richard Martin
1990 Terry Rapp
1991 Hank Croft
1992 Bob Corney
1993 Dave Oldham
1994 Frank Pelosi
1996 Terry Fennell
1997 Dave Oldham
1998 Devon Rapp
2001 Byron Campbell
2002 Allan & Diana Crew
2003 Bill Hagan
2005 Uwe Mewes
2006 Terry Rapp
2007 Ted Rapp
2008 Caroline Udell

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