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Governor's Cup History & Winners

The Riverton Yacht Club Governor's Cup trophy was donated by New Jersey Governor Alfred Eastlack Driscoll in 1949 as a perpetual trophy to encourage the skippers of each racing class to have a greater number of boats entered each year and keep them sailing in every race. While in office the governor made the trophy presentations.

Governor Driscoll (b.1902, d.1975) was one of the few New Jersey governors who resided in South Jersey. His residence was in Haddonfield. Driscoll was very popular and had a long list of accomplishments while governor that affect our everyday lives.

2016 Governor's Cup

June 18, 2016

2016 Governor's Cup Winner

Lightning skipper Mark Scheider and his daughters, Ashley and Greta (here with Commodore Bill Mills), winner of the 2016 NJ Governor's Cup on June 14.
Mark won the Cup in 2014 as well!

Mark Schneider - Lightning
Overall Winner

PHRF 1 Rob Seidlemann
  2 Kerry Brandt
  3 George Bader
J22's 1 Jim Irwin
  2 Terry Rapp
  3 Patrick Curran
Mariners 1 Frank Pelosi
  2 Dan Walsh
  3 Bill Mills
Flying Scots 1 Mark Johnson
  2 David Breinig
  3 Bruce Nicholson
Lightnings 1 Mark Schneider
  2 Chris Schon
  3 Trevor Pryor (Susquehanna YC)


Past Winners in All Categories


Governors Cup Champions

2016 Mark Schneider Lightning 1983 Ted & Terry Rapp  Cruising 
2015 Rob Siedlemann PHRF A 1982 Bill Washington  Mariner 
2014 Mark Schneider Lightning 1981 John Mendes  Duster 
2013 Jim Irwin J-22 1980 Ray Szuluzewski  Mariner 
2012 Frank Pelosi Mariner 1979 David C. Oberg  Star 
2011 Terry Rapp J-22 1978 David C. Oberg  Comet 
2010 Rob Siedlemann Mariner 1977 Franz Schneider  Lightning 
2009 Gary Swangler J-24 1976 John Morton  Star 
2008 Dave Oldham Mariner 1975 George Stewart  Celebrity 
2007 Rob Seidelmann Cruising  1974 Ted Rapp  Star 
2006 Chris Fretz Mariner  1973 George Stewart  Celebrity 
2005 Gary Swangler / Three Amigos Cruising  1972 Jim Lippincott  Star 
2004 Rich Martin  Mariner  1969 Ed Walsh  Thistle 
2003 Jon Burnham  Cruising  1968 J. Morton Sork  Celebrity 
2002 Dave & Dave Oldham  Mariner  1967 Larry Rodgers  Sunfish 
2001 Dave & Dave Oldham  Mariner  1966 Jim Greenfield  Star 
2000 Rob Seidelmann Cruising  1965 Ed Walsh  Thistle 
1999 Ted Rapp & Bill Graff  Mariner  1964 Robert Seidleman  Lightning 
1998 Stephen Metteldorf  Cruising  1963 Frederick Steiner  Star 
1997 Dave & Dave Oldham  Mariner  1962 Kaighn Smith  Thistle 
1996 Mike Hecky  Cruising  1961 Robert Hohlefelder  Celebrity 
1995 Michael Greeberg & Bob Me  GP-14  1960 Ed Walsh  Thistle 
1994 Don Hoefle  Cruising  1959 Howard F. Lippincott  Star 
1993 Robert Bush  Lightning  1958 Norman D. Freeman  Thistle 
1992 Terry & Ted Rapp  Cruising  1957 Howard F. Lippincott  Star 
1991 Hank Croft  Cruising  1956 Albert J. Williams  Thistle 
1990 Bob Seidleman  J24  1955 David C. Oberg  Moth 
1989 Huck Eltonhead Cruising  1954 Robert L. Lippincott  Star 
1988 Jim Greenfield J-24  1953 Al Williams  Thistle 
1987 Huck Eltonhead  Cruising  1952 J. Robert Seidleman  Comet 
1986 Richard Martin  Star  1951 Robert C. Thompson  Star 
1985 John A Mac Causland  Comet  1950 Howard F. Lippincott Comet 
1984 Harry Loeb  GP-14  1949 Robert C. Thompson  Star