Riverton Yacht Club
Riverton Yacht Club


2008 4th of July Raft Race Winners


Iron Pier Award
Awarded to the craft with the best har-mony of creativity, engineering, and speed chosen from the first three rafts to finish.


First-to-Finish Award
Awarded to the first raft to finish.

To Infinity & Beyond To Infinity & Beyond

To Infinity and Beyond
Crew: Tom Shaw, Bill OConnell, Mark Sullivan, Kevin Sullivan


Glamour Award
Awarded to the best dressed crew.

Hot Flash Hot Flash

Hot Flash
Crew Pat Brunker, Priscilla Taylor, Susie Bradford, Georgie Ackers


Flotsam & Jetsam Award
Awarded to the raft more likely to cause a spectacle than win the race.

Nellie Bly Nellie Bly's

Nellie Blye's Banana Float
Crew: Sean Cesaretti, Tom Cannizaro, Nick Cannizaro, Ray Cuningham, Jess Boatright

Tom Sawyer Award
Awarded to the first Junior raft to finish Ages 12 to 18.

Hang 40 Hang 40

Hang 40
Crew: Cam Lindh, Ryan B., Steve, Alex Hock


Sadie Hawkins Award
Awarded to the first all woman crew.

Sleepover Sweeties Sleepover Sweeties

Sleepover Sweeties
Crew: Sara Brandt, Jamie Smith, Cara Cini, Morgan Baker


Triathlon Award
Awarded to the most creative raft that participates in the Parade, the Downhill Race, and the Raft Race.

River-tons of Fun River-tons of Fun

River-tons of Fun
Crew: River Joe Augustyn, Alison Augustyn, Shawn Gallager, Jim O'Donnell